About Shapir

From Shapir’s establishment in 1968 as a construction and engineering company, the firm has grown to become a conglomerate and market leader in the fields of infrastructure design and construction, materials manufacturing, public-private investment partnerships, and real-estate development.

Shapir’s Broad Spectrum of Activity

Shapir’s Civil and Marine Engineering Division has become Israel’s foremost municipal and commercial developer with projects that include highways, bridges, offices, residential buildings, and maritime facilities.

Shapir’s Industry Division specializes in the extraction of quarry materials and the manufacture of concrete, asphalt, finishing products, and prefabricated elements created from precast and prestressed concrete.

Shapir also invests in large-scale/long-term real-estate projects. The company facilitates build-operate-transfer projects as well as private finance initiatives and is developing investment channels together with a range of institutions to support the design, construction, and operation of large-scale concessions.

Shapir’s creativity and reliability have made it a leader in the design and delivery of high-end private homes as well as apartment buildings throughout Israel. With a permanent focus on the improvement of its residents’ quality of life, Shapir designs unique housing units that have earned it a spot among the nation’s top real-estate development companies.

Real-Estate Development

Shapir has completed several premium residential projects in many of Israel’s major cities, such as Safed, Herzliya, Netanya, Rehovot, Rosh HaAyin, Raanana, and Modiin. Using only the finest materials and offering the highest level of comfort possible, Shapir designs projects ranging from high-rise apartment complexes to private and multi-family houses. One example of a successful project is located in the city of Netanya and consists of 158 units in seven four-story terraced buildings and four eight-story buildings. In Modiin, Shapir developed a new neighborhood consisting of 48 private homes and 12 four-story apartment buildings.

Infrastructure Projects

Israel’s population is growing, which means that there is much demand for new and improved transportation infrastructure. Shapir has completed several milestone projects, including at Ben Gurion Airport, the Ashkelon Power Station, major highway interchanges, the Jezreel Valley Railway, and the Akbara Bridge. The company is also currently still working on the Haifa port, the new high-speed rail line to Jerusalem, and the northern section of Route Six, one of the country’s most traveled highways.

Long-Term Investment, Operation, and Maintenance

Shapir is held in high esteem for its strategic outlook and ability to form strong partnerships for long-term investments. Joining forces with both public institutions and private organizations, Shapir is responsible for the long-term maintenance of several key sites, including a sports and recreation center, parking complexes, and government buildings such as the Israeli Knesset. The company has also been granted responsibility for the maintenance of a natural-gas distribution network and the Bezalel dormitories in Jerusalem.

Shapir Industry

Shapir owns four of the largest stone quarries in Israel. Utilizing the most sophisticated extraction and mining methodologies, Shapir provides high-quality building materials both to its own construction projects and to other developers around the country.